Monday, August 25, 2014

Swatch + review: Notoriously Morbid Serannian Dreams Lipcraft lipgloss

Before I start in on swatching my whole eyeshadow collection (an intimidating task, but at least I've made a spreadsheet) I figured I would start with finishing up with my latest Notoriously Morbid haul.

So: a quick look at one of Notoriously Morbid's new lip glosses. (Apparently lip gloss is a term that is correct either as a compound or two words, but not hyphenated. It nags at my brain--I'm an editor in real life. Anyway.)

Bare lips for great justice

Serannian Dreams, indirect sunlight
Serannian Dreams, "white balance"
Serannian Dreams is a hot pink that didn't translate perfectly on my camera, so I tried using a white balance. However, my camera is usually pretty accurate in terms of how it picks up my (ghostly) skin tone, so I ended up looking orange with white balance, eep. In any case, I'm hoping that between the two, you can get a sense of the colour. It's much as it looks on the website swatch and in the tube.

This gloss was non-sticky and not too slippery, but did do the stringy thing a bit when I opened my mouth. It's vanilla scented along the same lines as the NYX Butter Glosses.

It was tricky to build up and didn't like sticking to the inner part of my lips; it also doesn't do my lip texture any favours, which was sad since they're much nicer lately. I kind of had to build it up because it looked odd and settled into lip lines a lot sheered out, but over lipstick it'd be fine. It is a really fun, vivid colour once I got it to work, and it wasn't nearly as much of a pain as Shiro's Red in My Ledger. (Beautiful heartbreak in lip gloss form. Woe.)

I like this lip gloss okay, but I don't love it. That's okay with me since I spent a very reasonable $4.50 to give it a go--I can use this to top lipstick. If I get anything else from the Lipcraft line, I'll probably get something in a different opacity--I imagine the formula might work better with something more sheer (this is medium to full).

An honourable mention to this little guy, though. I already had a Coffin Kisser in Vanilla Veil, but found I didn't really like something about the flavouring, so I threw a different one into this order so I'd feel more compelled to give it a real try (plus: Supernatural reference). I am digging it! Not as much as my St. John's Soap Works Balm Diggity, but it's coming in a solid second lately. 

Thanks for tuning in--and many, many things that sparkle are (eventually) on the way!

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