Saturday, August 23, 2014

First impressions: St. John's Soap Works

I feel like reviewing soap has to be a process, since you really can't know how good it'll be for your skin until you've used it for a while. However, I wanted to write up a few initial thoughts on St. John's Soap Works since (spoiler alert) I've had a great experience so far.

Not-so-obligatory rave about customer service: Ordered August 11th, shipped out August 15th, and received my package August 21st. Everything went smoothly and quickly, so I didn't need to contact anyone. I ordered using the soap special, which is an $18 package that includes two soaps of your choice, a mystery gift, and free shipping. Since shipping to me would normally be a flat $10 and most of their soaps are $5, this deal saves me $2 and nets me a free thing. No brainer.

The soaps came wrapped up tightly in a very padded envelope and wrapped additionally in red tissue paper and their individual packaging. A lot of cute and consistent branding going on. The Bee Pollen soap smells heavenly. I didn't think I was that into sweet orange and lavender, but somehow together, they are divine. True Grit radiates a minty aura. I am not about minty scents (minty flavours, more like!) but it's for my partner, so. He likes it.

This unassuming lip balm was my mystery gift. When I first opened it, I was skeptical since it was a bit melty and extremely soft (perhaps from transit--I live in a warmer part of the country). I'm also pretty picky about lip balms, since I need them like I need to eat. But thus far, I've worn this lip balm for two days straight since I put it on, so. Yeah. Also, it smells like fresh oranges. (It contains lanolin and a natural flavouring, so maybe that contributes to its awesomeness.)

There was no business card/etc. included, but instead, I got a thank you card. Which is pretty awesome?

On the inside was this slip with some information about the company.

I'll have to come back and let you know how the soap does, but if it's anywhere as nice as it smells, I'm definitely going back for gifts!

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