Saturday, July 5, 2014

Swatch Saturday: Notoriously Morbid Sealed Judgement set + bonus comparison!

Long time no blog, I know.

It seems cruel that the very first eyeshadows I'm swatching for this blog (or ever) are limited edition ones that are now gone, but...I just received my Notoriously Morbid order in the mail two days ago and these excited me a lot. (And hey, they came back for a special occasion this time around--maybe they'll make a comeback again!) I promise I'll swatch more available colours soon.

Without further adieu, the Sealed Judgement set.

I received these minis in a Free Day Friday promotion--spending $25 or more netted you this set. Notoriously Morbid's FDF sales, currently run bi-weekly, seem pretty great if this deal was any indication. If you intend on ordering in future, I would recommend waiting for one!

This set is all matte and yet feels soft and non-chalky (on my arm, anyway). Please forgive the odd swatch order; I added in Boca del Infierno from the Slay Me collection (also matte) as I wanted to compare it to War.

Swatches over UDPP:

Indirect sunlight
Direct sunlight
Bottom to top: Conquest, Pale Rider, Famine, War, [Boca del Infierno] 

Conquest is a matte snowy white that had a hard time showing up on my pale arm. I packed it on some for this swatch, but that's probably because I'm ghostly. Vegan, lip-safe.

Pale Rider is a matte greyed light purple. Vegan, lip-safe.

Famine is a matte black. It appears on the cooler side to me. It's not immediately opaque but you could build it up more than I have here. Vegan, not lip-safe.

War is a matte brick red--kind of a dried blood feel. Very pigmented--I was impressed with how lovely this was at the first swipe. Not vegan, lip-safe.

Indirect sunlight
Direct sunlight
Here are a couple of quick comparisons of Sealed Judgement's War to the Slay Me collection's Boca del Infierno (not vegan, lip-safe). As you can see, War is a slightly lighter, brickier red, while Boca del Infierno is a bit darker with somewhat of a purplish undertone--NM describes it as a "rich, deep oxblood" and I find that accurate. I built up both about the same amount, which is to say hardly at all--they're both very pigmented and I'm pretty excited about them!

Obligatory customer service bit: this is part of a larger order I placed on June 6th. The order shipped within her turn-around time, though at the end (she seemed quite busy, so not a worry) and the shipping was quick--it took a week, which is good for me in Canada, especially since a holiday weekend was a part of that time. The owner made a substitution for me in the order, since I used her independent website where a shadow listed elsewhere (She Names the Stars) isn't up, for some reason. I bought a different mini but noted that I hoped it could be switched and she did so, no fuss. We didn't otherwise interact, but everything went smoothly! 

This is my first experience with NM and I'm still trying everything, but I'm liking the texture of her mattes and these reds are so beautiful. (A good red matte is hard to find.) I'm also enjoying the formula of my Coffin Kisser so far.

While this set is no longer available, Boca del Infierno and other Buffy-inspired mattes are available in the Notoriously Morbid web store or through their Etsy or Storenvy.

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