Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Swatch: Fyrinnae Pygmy Hippo lip lustre

Today's offering: a swatch of Fyrinnae's Pygmy Hippo lip lustre.

Fyrinnae's description:
Matte medium rosey plum shade, not quite mauve. Neutral-warm.

Bare-ish lips (blotted down Vaseline lip therapy)
Pygmy Hippo
Though the section for Fyrinnae's lip lustres lacks swatches, the colour descriptions are quite accurate so far in my experience. Pygmy Hippo isn't as natural-seeming as Ocelot on my face because of its somewhat plummy tint, but it's definitely wearable and probably works for a broader range of complexions. The slight shine Pygmy Hippo has in my swatch photo is mostly due to the whiteness of the overcast sunlight today and I suspect the bit of Vaseline delaying its dry down; it sets to a matte finish, as you can see in Ocelot below.

Comparison to yesterday's Ocelot:
Pygmy Hippo
I'm wearing a moisturizing product under my lip lustre today to see if I can mitigate the slightly drying effect I had yesterday, but I suspect all that I've done is made the product take a little longer to set, since it feels pretty much the same. Ah well!

This lip lustre is available at Fyrinnae's website for $7.00 USD ($2.00 for a trial size).

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