Sunday, July 27, 2014

Swatch Sunday: My Pretty Zombie New Bruise, Black Eye, and Old Bruise

It's been a while, I know. But--let's get on with it!

Obligatory bit about customer service: I placed my order with My Pretty Zombie on July 1st during a sale; she had to up her usual turnaround time (usually a week or so) because she received an unanticipated amount of orders, but that was no problem for me since her usual TAT is so short for an indie. The order shipped on July 15th. I would've received the package July 24th if Canada Post folks would actually buzz my apartment. I had no interactions with the seller since everything went smoothly.

The shipping cost for MPZ was a bit higher than other indies--it came out to $12 to ship my two bestseller sets (two blushes and six eyeshadows, all full-size) to Canada. I went with it since the sale (33% off) basically knocked off my shipping cost, and her regular prices--especially in the discounted sets--are quite good. But I can see why the higher shipping now, since her packaging is top notch.

The ruins of my packaging (and d6s).

The whole package came in this box, which contained these two bestseller set boxes, both tied up with pink ribbon, stuffed with this pink ribbon-y packing stuff, and of course containing a complimentary severed finger. (Uh, made of plastic.) The boxes in the package-box were also packed in with pink ribbon-y packing stuff. (I'm very technical.) All of the jars had plastic packaging as well, so everything seemed protected and all and all it looked professional and well-branded. I received three samples with my order and I'm excited about all of them, so that was also a big plus.

The eyeshadow jars are square with no sifters. I find this the easiest (easy to fit jars next to each other in a drawer, easy to grab eyeshadow for application) but also the messiest (the square jars seem more prone to product getting caught in the threads, no sifters = eyeshadow all over the place if you're not extremely cautious). 

And now for swatch time. I foolishly swatched Black Eye with the Bruises because for some reason I assumed it'd be a matte shade when I ordered it. The swatch online clearly has a faint shimmer, which is also the case here. (Should've sprung to add Epitaxis to my order, but we all make mistakes.)

These are over UDPP.

Direct sunlight
Indirect sunlight
From top to bottom: New Bruise, Black Eye, Old Bruise.

MPZ's description of New Bruise:
Less painful than the real thing!
Its like Old Bruise's BFF!

Another color that I originally created to do zombie makeup, this medium bluish eggplant is great as eyeshadow or brow color as well.

New Bruise is as described, although it didn't mention its matteliness. (Maybe it has a slight satin thing going on? Seems matte to me.) Feels smooth and was very pigmented, so I'm looking forward to working with it.

MPZ's description of Black Eye:
Black Eye is a dark red with a slight purple tinge that looks like you took a punch.

The shimmer to Black Eye is very minimal but evident both in the jar and in more direct lighting. It's not as dark as I expected from the swatch on the website, but perhaps it gets closer if you build it up.

MPZ's description of Old Bruise:
Old Bruise is a matte yellow that I normally use for zombie makeup...who knew that people would be clamoring for it as a real life eyeshadow!

Old Bruise is a delightful mustardy, golden yellow. (I am currently loving yellow.) It's not quite as pigmented as its darker brethren but it still felt smooth going on.

I think some of MPZ's descriptions could be more descriptive re: finish or colour (yellow can come in many varieties), but I am loving the initiative to use eyelid swatches of the shadows. I feel like I get a better idea of the colours that way and it really highlights the dimension and complexity of some of the shadows.

Individual full-sizes can be purchased from My Pretty Zombie for $5/jar, or you can purchase various discounted sets. (I purchased these as part of a bestseller set with a full-sized blush for $18.) I'm liking these so far, but I'm really excited to get into the blushes and sparkle-bombs (just gotta work on my swatching skills). Until next time!

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