Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Haul: Fyrinnae + Ocelot lip lustre swatch and review

Hey everyone!

Today I received my first package from Fyrinnae Cosmetics!

The pretty foil came with the packaging.

I purchased full-sized lip lustres in Ocelot and Pygmy Hippo as well as minis of Romantique and Sexy Nerd. I also purchased mini eyeshadows in Jade Ghost, Crimson Ghost, Vicious Garden Gnome, Mephisto, Meerkat, Debonair, Red Panda, Work Safe Blue, and an Arcane Magic shadow in Cabaret Noir. I also bought a sample of their powder bronzer in matte light. No free samples were included with the order, which was a little odd since I think they usually do send out samples, but I'm not one to bemoan a lack of free stuff and I imagine they were busy, as they'd just released a set of new semi-matte shadows.

I’m excited to try and to review each of these new products! For now, here’s a swatch + a few thoughts on the lip lustre in Ocelot ($7 USD for an 8ml tube; trial sizes are available for $2 USD).

Fyrinnae's description of Ocelot: Matte warm dusty-rose pink, very close to the soft pink of an Ocelot kitten's paw pads and nose.

Bare lips (sorry, they were in a blurry mood)
Lip lustre in Ocelot

The lip lustre in Ocelot is a my-lips-but-pinker colour on me, which I like a lot. I don't think it leans too warm on my lips, but it still does remind me of an ocelot kitten's paws. (I don't want to thieve any images, but you definitely have to Google that. It is very cute.) In any case, it's definitely something I could wear in any situation. I have a pale, neutralish complexion, for the record.

Ocelot's formula reminds me of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams: it has that sweet vanilla scent and the same dry-liquid look and feel upon application. It doesn't dry down as quickly or completely as the lip creams do on me; the NYX products are dry and matte almost immediately after application and they're drying on my lips, often flaky later in their wear, and I have to not rub my lips together or I'll make a mess of them. The Ocelot lip lustre seemed to dry down more over time, but didn't feel as drying (though not moisturizing, either) and it didn't budge upon lip smacks or flake at any point. The finish was similarly matte for me, though!

I'm usually bad at wear tests (I tend to lick and chew my lips and drink many beverages clumsily), but because this lip lustre reminded me of the lip creams, I decided to give it a go. It lasted a few hours and through popcorn as if it were just applied, so that was pretty awesome for me--my eating tends to destroy lipstick. It faded some through a can of soda--but it didn't flake or turn into an awful lip ring, which is what often happens to me with long-lasting lip products, so I was really happy with this!

It did leave my lips moderately dry afterwards, but I have naturally very chapped, dry lips, so that's nothing new--happens after most lip products that aren't balm or gloss. (Or just after a while without something moisturizing.) Next time I may try using a good balm blotted down just before this product to see if it mitigates that, but it doesn't seem too bad. I imagine people without chapping issues might not have this problem at all.

I'm so pumped to try my other lip lustres to see if they wear similarly--not the matte aspect, of course, since only a few of the lustres are marked as matte, but the long-wearing and relatively non-drying aspect was awesome, plus this was easy to apply with the doefoot wand.

Thanks for reading!

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